So today, we’re trying to embark on a new path. As you may remember from the previous post, there I tend to overbook myself and end up not getting enough done on anything. To that end, I’m doing a few things to reorganize my time behind the scenes.

See, the core of it is that I remember a time when I was producing huge stacks of art – I was drawing every day, practicing, doodling, coming up with neat ideas. I was drawing when I sat at school and listened to the teachers, I was drawing when I came home and pretending to do homework, I was drawing when A-Team and Magnum PI was on (yes, I’m dating myself), and even the 8 o’clock movie. In fact, is was pretty rare for me to put down my sketchbook – or even look up from it (Star Trek: Next Generation was one such instance)

I miss it, and I miss watching my skills grow and my style evolve as time went on. So here I am, posting some sketch work – focused, indeed. This first taste is some of the development work that’s going into the next bit of story, and you get to watch it grow and develop with me.

My goal is to post a Sketch-o-Matic every day of the week (except maybe Saturdays and Sundays…) It’s blog stuff, so I won’t be posting it in the comic window. So here it is!

Character concepts - Billy's Dad and... a girl

Initial concepts for Billy's Dad... oh and I dig on her glasses.