There’s one in every group…


OK, once again, sorry for the delay. After talking to some other cartoonists at Wondercon, I realized I don’t have to post fully complete pages.

Yeah, that was a “duh” moment.

The second “duh” moment was when I realized because I’m not super-happy with how the coloring is looking, and as a result, I slow down and procrastinate… usually until I find an answer. Unfortunately, because I was stalled on the coloring part, I wasn’t working through the process and looking for a solution.

So here it is: Page updates will be the pencil sketches (or better, depending on how I’m feeling) until I figure out a better method. Lettering will be done, so no worries there. This should allow me to get back on track, because I like pencils and inks… not so much with the color, tho.

OK, that said, let’s get back on track.

In other news, Jeremy Rathbone’s Zombot project is less than 3 DAYS FROM ENDING!! At the time of this writing, he’s 88% funded with 71 hours to go. I’ve talked to him a few times, and I really look forward to successfully backing this project. I think that it’s a great match for my own project and Jeremy and I can work together. The more Zombie Robots, the better.

So go and pledge! Then come to the party in July! It’ll be fantastic. Jeremy and I will both thank you. I might even draw you a Zombot card as a thank you as well (shhh, it’s a seeeeecret).

Of course, I may just be attached to his project because of a mysterious cosmic conspiracy. Remember this page?


Yes… Rathbone.