Welcome to the official launch of Zombots!

This project has been something like 2 years in the making – possibly longer. It’s really exciting to see it launch with the official first page!

The schedule is weekly on Tuesdays. I may occasionally update with a second comic later in the week (Thursday or Friday, depending) but that really depends on how much OTHER stuff I have to get done.

With a once a week update, I’m planning on having a larger blog that what resides on Hell Has Found Me. I hope you enjoy reading Zombots as much as I enjoy making it. Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email!

As for interesting signs of our forthcoming robot overlords, Stanford researchers have developed a better artificial nose.

“Another of our long-term goals is to print these sensors on plastic, and if the spots were big enough to see, you could see the color changes,” Kool said. “You could hold a black light over the sensor and read the response. Then you could match up the color of the sensor with a key of some sort and say, ‘Ah, this sensor best compares with this color on the key – this milk is about to go sour.'”

Given a smart enough robot, it would be able to process smells on its own. One step closer to having your own maid robot in your home.